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Our accounting software is currently only available to beta users. Launch coming soon!

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Connect Your Accounting With Bank Transactions Automatically

One issue with accounting softwares is their lack of integration with your banks.

We connect with all major banks in Singapore – DBS, POSB, UOB & OCBC.

Your transactions will be automatically added to your transactions in Adolet. All you’ll have to do is categorise them!

Connect to your company bank account in 3 clicks!

All transactions will be automatically added to your ledger without you having to do any manual input

Create Your Invoices & Have Them Emailed Automatically!

  1. Create your invoices on Adolet
  2. Click a “Send Invoice” button to have the invoice be automatically emailed to your customer.
  3. Your customer clicks on the “Pay Now” button in the email.
  4. Your customer pays via credit card.
  5. You receive payment within 3 working days!
  6. We’ll follow-up if your customer doesn’t make payment.

Connect Your Company Bank Account & Have Transactions Be Added Automatically

  1. Connect your company bank account with Adolet.
  2. We provide integrations with any of the big 4 banks in Singapore – OCBC, UOB, POSB or DBS.
  3. All new transactions will be automatically added to your ledger in Adolet.
  4. All you’ll have to do is categorise your transactions and do reconciliation.
  5. You will also be able to generate financial reports with data from today without any manual data entry!

Add Multi-Currency Transactions

  1. Select the primary currency for your business account.
  2. All transactions will be added with your default currency.
  3. You can change each transaction to use a foreign currency.
  4. You can also enter an exchange rate for each transaction.
  5. Your financial reports will be generated in your primary currency.


Adolet Keeps Your Accounting Data Safe

We know how important cybersecurity is.

SME owners want to make sure that their competitors can’t see their sales and customers. Accounting firms don’t want to be on the hook for recommending a hacked software.

We vet through every third-party integration

Backups are made daily

All data is encrypted



Accounting Has Never Been Easier!

Our software is extremely intuitive and you can start by integrating your company bank accounts and generate financial reports with the simple click of a button.

Create an Adolet account

You can register an Adolet account here!

Choose your billing method

Choose a monthly or yearly plan. Pay by credit card or PayPal.

Start adding transactions

Start adding your accounts in “Charts Of Accounts” and adding transactions!

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